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Jennifer Orr, Administrative Coordinator


Hi, I am Jennifer, Tyler’s virtual assistant. I am here to help guide you through the new client booking process. Below you will find everything you need to get started. Once you have filled out the new client form, I will contact you to let you know I’ve received your form and to be sure that we have everything we need to get you in our system so we can get you booked as soon as possible. *Note* Please check your spam folder, as sometimes our first email can end up there.

Feel free to contact me anytime to check your status on the waiting list or if you need to reschedule an appointment. You can reach out to me best and most quickly via this email ( or you can text or call the office phone at 423-244-5918. (If you call the office line, leave a voicemail and I will get back to you within 1-2 business days.)

As Tyler's virtual assistant, I work remotely.  So I do all of the client intake process via email before a first appointment is made. The only thing you will need to give directly to Tyler is your first session paperwork. These would need to be printed off and filled out to bring with you to your first session. Feel free to look them over now and get familiar with how things work, so as we get you booked, all will go very smoothly.

Fees are determined by a sliding scale that is based on household income, as well as the number of family members living in your home. Feel free to use the chart below to determine your fee per 50-minute counseling session. Please note that proof of income must be provided before or at the beginning of your initial session. Acceptable forms of proof include tax statements, bank statements, and pay stubs. 

We accept cash, check, and credit cards. We do not accept insurance.

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At this time, Tyler has a waiting list for new clients and I can add you to the list if you would like. Don’t fret about the waiting list because we also have a cancellation system that will help you to be seen a lot quicker while on the waiting list. Anytime someone cancels, the automated cancellation system sends a text message to the people on the waiting list and offers the available appointment time. You can respond to the text to take the appointment. As a new client you will need to book via the cancellation system until there is room on the calendar to schedule you as a full-time client. Lots of clients on the waiting list get in frequently as long as their schedule is flexible enough to grab cancellation spots as they come available. After you’ve had your first session, and you and Tyler both feel that you definitely want to work together, you will need to continue to book through the cancellation system unless Tyler sees that he is able to schedule you in more frequently. We do our very best to accommodate new clients as quickly and as efficiently as possible without impeding on existing clients that are already booked. If you have any questions about how all of this works, please don't hesitate to ask.  If you feel that you would like to be seen more quickly than we are able to schedule you, we would be happy to give you a referral upon request.


Tyler is in the office Monday through Wednesday, 9-7p.m. You are welcome let me know what your best days and times are for appointments, and I can make a note of that. We ask that you answer a few brief initial questions by clicking the link below to get started with the booking process. 

PLEASE NOTE: Tyler does not work with minors, families, or couples.