Welcome to the One Week of Mindfulness course. Chances are you are here because you subscribed to my newsletter. For that I thank you!

The format of this course is straightforward. There are seven lessons, one for each day of the week. Each lesson contains written text to educate and help you gain an intellectual understanding of mindfulness, as well as videos and/or guided audio tracks to point you to an experiential understanding of how to mindfully observe and accept what is happening in the moment.

It’s important to note that this course does not place a heavy focus on meditation. Rather it focuses on how to be more mindful in your day-to-day. Through my clinical work, I’ve found that mindfulness can be taught without a structured meditation practice. You could say this course is a way to pass on my professional experience and personal practice to all who wish to learn more.

Finally, this training is an introduction to mindfulness. It’s intended to get you started. If you have experience in mindfulness, I hope this helps you see things in a new way. If you’re new to all this, I hope it sparks a life-long journey that leads to a deeper understanding of yourself, the moment, and all of life—to see that all three are actually the same. To begin the first lesson, just click the button that says “Day One: What Is Mindfulness?” I hope you enjoy.