Day Six: Mindful Movement

So far this week, we’ve practiced mindfulness while sitting, lying, standing, and eating. Today we will focus on mindful movement. There aren’t many moments in life where you’re not standing, sitting, lying, or moving. Given that all of these are covered in this course, I hope you can see that it’s possible to practice mindfulness wherever you are, regardless of what you’re doing.

Today I have a special treat for you. Melanie Lyon, owner and teacher at 5ive Point Yoga, will lead you in a guided mindful movement video. The exercise focuses on the movement of breath, as well as simple stretches to create gentle sensation in your arms and shoulders. If you feel uncomfortable doing any of the movements, especially if you feel any pain, simply stop and wait for the next stretch. For the second video, I’m excited to teach my favorite kind of meditation—walking meditation. Just remember with both videos to simply observe how it feels to move, to stretch, the step, to balance. What is it like to directly experience movement?