Releasing Pain Week One

Welcome to the first week of Releasing Pain. This page contains all the homework you will do until we meet again next week. It includes a daily practice of noticing your posture. It also includes two guided audio track (Body Scan with Janka and Park Bench Exercise with Tyler) that can be streamed or downloaded. If possible, do each guided track daily. Finally, there is a button to download the Thought, Sensation, and Emotion worksheet. The instructions are included on the handout. Please fill out one form and bring it with you to the next meeting. Thanks so much. Feel free to contact Tyler at or Janka at if you have any questions. 

Posture Practice

For 20-30 minutes twice this week, as you go about a normal daily activity, pay attention to your posture. Without straining, assume posture that is alert and upright. Notice what happens to your mood, thoughts, feelings and perception of your body.