Releasing Pain Week Two

This week's homework includes a "Breathing Break" exercise, an Island of Safety Worksheet, and two guided audio tracks (Islands of Safety with Tyler and Feeling Tones with Janka). If possible, please do each exercise daily. The Island of Safety worksheet is intended to do after you practice with the Islands of Safety audio. You can use it to list the islands of safety that you notice in the body. This will be helpful in next week's discussion. Also, please do the body scan one time this week and complete a copy of the Sensation Map Worksheet. You can find the audio and the worksheet below. 

Breathing Breaks

As many times as you are able, give your mind a short rest. Try taking a couple of “breathing breaks” during the day. For the duration of three breaths close your eyes (can be done with eyes open as well) and let your body relax. Put aside all concerns. Pay attention to the breath, noticing the sensations of breathing in your body such as rinsing and falling of the abdomen or movement of the chest. Practice “breathing breaks” while sitting at your desk, sitting in the car before getting out, sitting quietly before eating a meal, etc. Reminding yourself; post notes in your environment with the number 3 on them or word “breathe”. Set up alarm or cell phone to ring at irregular intervals throughout the day.